30 Kitchens

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I cook you (and your housemates) dinner at your house.

UPDATE: The first four are done! Photos are here.

This is the successor to Delicious Minds, as I develop from "novice cook" to "journeyman". I intend to do this by going on literal journeys; I will load my backpack with provisions, cycle to your place, cook dinner, eat it with you, and cycle home.


I did it once as an experiment and it was fun. Also, people are surprisingly unwilling to cross London on short notice even for a tasty meal, but I have a bike so it's easy for me. Plus the heart of cooking is improvisation, and nothing encourages that like adapting to someone else's kitchen.

How many Michelin stars do you have?

Don't get too excited. I've definitely moved beyond eggs-on-toast but I'm no Jamie Oliver.

How far will you cycle?

For a long time, one of my cycling rules has been "disregard distance". I may need to review this. But in the meantime, I'll be starting from SE16 and heading to wherever.

Does this cost anything?

No, and I'm covering the ingredients (but if there's six of you home, I'm not going to be doing steak). If you feel like paying it forward, make someone a nice dinner.

How often are you doing this?

The original idea was to do it in a month - strictly speaking, a month with 30 days in it.

That's insane. Instead I'll do it whenever I have the time, energy and inspiration, probably about once a week and almost certainly on short notice.

How does this work?

You put your details in the form. If I'm free of an evening and feel like cooking I'll send out a message. If there's more than one taker, first to confirm gets it. Unless it's raining, in which case I might head to the closest. I call you to sort out address/timing/dietary requirements. We have a tasty dinner. Then I take a picture of you, your kitchen, and whatever it is I ended up making, and head home.

Is this a date?


Why the pictures?

I might make a book out of this. Not a real book, a print-on-demand coffee table book, the only copy of which will probably live in my kitchen and double as a recipe book, as well as proof that I was actually mad enough to take this on.

Where do I sign up?

On this google form