I sometimes take on software development projects as a contractor. I have a broad background as a developer, scrum master, product owner and managing director of both a medium-sized agency and a small startup.

I like to go fast and make things happen, preferably as part of a small, enthusiastic, cross-functional team.

Tech skills

Server side

I'm most experienced in Ruby (I've been using Rails since 2005), but I've also written a number of Android applications. In the past I've done a lot of PHP and some Python. I'm comfortable building and managing linux servers.

Client side

Javascript: I prefer Vuejs to React but I've used both, and written a number of distributed, realtime applications using websockets to stay in sync.


I'm happy to commute to anywhere in central London, to work remotely, or a mix of both.


I'm completely booked up right now!

Get in touch

You can reach me at or 07717606828.