20 Nov 2017
  • Physical books
  • Anki


Tech / Work

  • EBOOK: Creativity Inc
  • Thoughtbot playbook (maybe annotate..)
  • Fun / Stalling

    Wasp by Eric Frank Russell - random fb

    Audiobooks / podcasts

    Podcasts maintained in PlayerFM.


    Manually put things onto the phone whiteboard, and onto the wall.

    Notes, Lookups, Spaced Repetition, &c

    Can use kindle highlights and margin notes, but generally everything lives in nvalt with "learning" tag. See Evernote "mind" tag for history.


    Mostly push to unclassified and use these systems. Switch to secure journal if needed.

    Policy & Process

    Data types mixed together, deliberately. Books I've read but maybe should re-read go to the bottom of the list.

    This is the master list. Bookmarks exist for convenience but aren't authoritative.

    Outside of reading/podcasts (eg movies, tv, &c), use "Media" in todoist. For fun small stuff to watch, use youtube subscriptions.

    Twitter/FB policy: Easy space for me. Mute or unfollow anything unpleasant. Follow more foxes.

    If using kindle highlights, afterwards write a summary into the learning tab - ie the highlights are only a quick temp.


    Need more books? Check