Brass Monkey

29 Oct 2006

26 Oct, Tanah Rata

After five hours on a bus, we've reached Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands.

This path isn't just beaten, but leveled, steamrollered and bitumenised. The cafe where we had lunch offers 10 minutes of internet access to "check your mail while we cook your food". No thanks. I'm trying to give it up.

This is a backpacker highway. Everyone on the sign-in sheet was next heading to KL, where we've come from, or Georgetown, where we're going.

Still, it has its benefits. The bus was air-conditioned, roadworthy, and had a sane driver. We were met at the bus station by a friendy tout and brought directly to the hostel. Everyone speaks flawless english. The western-style vegetarian lasagne was excellent.

Nothing wrong with that.