Chin-Ups On The Altar Of Progress

18 Oct 2006

KL's Lake Gardens are pretty but mazelike. They contain twisty roads, a very expensive bird park (containing a restaurant), and Nothing Else To Eat.


Even if it's raining.

We eventually located a large bag of barbeque chips (a traditional local delicacy, I'm sure), which fuelled an expedition up to a sculpture garden. Besides the usual modern-art wankery, it had a Monument To Progress made out of large steel pipes in asterisk-like formation. It was actually kinda cool, and I don't even like sculpture. Bit slippery in the rain, though.

At the National Moment further up the hill is the usual statue of square-jawed soldiers hoisting the flag. But these soldiers are standing on top of a pile of dead commies. I'm developing a certain respect for asian literalism; the "fire exit" signs that show an enormous inferno only steps behind the fleeing stick-figure, and that same unlucky stick-figure being held at gunpoint on a "no trespassing" sign are particularly touching.