Gator Bites

23 Aug 2009

As always, these are the stories that I didn't tell:

I've been on an airboat, on dead-flat swamp as a lightning storm closed in, pulling a fast 180 to wait on the dock for better weather.

In fact, I've been in a storm so severe that I had to pull off the road, because the plumes of water from the wheels were going over the car.

I've cruised through Downtown, watching the beautiful people and the people who think they're beautiful, and seen it up-close from a rooftop bar.

I've tagged along as my host talked herself into a gated community and up to a penthouse to take pictures of the view.

I've driven across the road to go grocery shopping, because it was easier than trying to cross it on foot.

I've shaken hands with the CEOs of three of the world's top Rails companies. I've chatted casually to one of them for ten minutes at a party before I knew who he was.

I've not been to Disneyland, but I've been to its souvenir shop, and I'm not sure that's much different.

And I've eaten alligator tail. It tastes like chicken.