29 Jul 2007

An ipod won't work if it's left in the sun. I had to hose mine down with water to get it back under control, since with no off switch, it would have run its battery to zero. The same trick, minus the waterproof case, works for me.

Don't wear flipflops in Zadar. Centuries of footsteps have worn the paving stones completely smooth. Even walking with exaggerated caution, I was lucky to stay upright. In Split the situation is similar - gutters are particularly treacherous.

The KL Rules - Lyn boards the bus and secures two seats while I stash the packs underneath - work well here. Our packs are still too big to take on board, now that they have shoes, sleeping mats, and a tent strapped to them.

A photo gallery here has shots from three places that the Americans have recently bombed: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yugoslavia. The Russian photographer in Iraq is particuarly moving; in a description of the exhibition he says that he saw it initially as Good vs Evil, but now understands it to be Evil vs Evil, with Good caught in the middle. One local he spoke to said that he was leaving, so that he wouldn't have to choose between becoming a dead body and becoming a murderer.