04 Jul 2008

Losing a notebook is like losing part of my brain. I defer writes, knowing that I've captured the important ideas somewhere - a very GTD philosophy. Now I don't even know what I don't know.

I'm going to write more. Travel writers know that You Do Not Finish A Day Without Writing It Up; perhaps anybody with a poor memory should follow the same rule.

It's getting worse. Tearing in to the Royal Festival Hall for Hide & Speak, I slam my bike against the rack, quick-change from Bike Fiend to Respectable Businessman, stash my riding gear in the backpack, and run off looking for coffee. On the way in to the Violet Room, my bag weighs heavily on my back. No surprise, except that I'm not carrying my laptop. There's a hard metal lump in the bottom, and it goes 'clink'. What could it be?

I pause for a moment, then sprint back to the rack and lock up my bike. But it's not my bike that worries me.


(I've written more about my experiences at Hide & Seek both here and on the Fire Hazard blog: http://fire-hazard.net/)