Miracle Device

28 Jan 2008

Things IÂ have actually done with my phone:

Carried it through one of the largest street markets in the world, in my shorts pocket, without worrying about it.

Worked out in my room in Phaya Thai to beats playing through the speakers

Practiced my Thai pronunciation while waiting for a ferry, using a course of mp3s through the headphones.

Secretly recorded my experience at border crossings, so that if they disappear me at least there'll be some evidence.

Taken unobtrusive, flash-less photos to serve as memory cues for travel writing.

Managed my todo list from "organise a Vietnam visa"Â to "remember to buy a SIMÂ card".

Set a 5am "go to Heathrow now" wakeup alarm that IÂ can't ignore.

Navigated through Bangkok from Wat Phra Kaew to the Skytrain at National Stadium after taxis refused to take us home, using a bluetooth GPSÂ that never left my pocket.

Written my travel journal with a folding bluetooth keyboard, lying in a bamboo hut under a mosquito net across from the beach.

Found a cafe near to Serpentine Road using Google Maps, when the only obvious one was full of prams.

Navigated the Tube using a topographically accurate map.

Read, and replied to, my email from a bus in the far north of Scotland.

Browsed the internet in bed at home when IÂ can't be bothered reaching for the laptop.

Looked for geocaches at Blow-Up Bridge.

Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance on the tube when it's too crowded to unfold a newspaper.

Made phone calls.