Off The Wagon

25 Nov 2006


It's my second day in Bangkok, and I've been to the Pantip Plaza IT Mall twice. I'm now sporting a Palm TX handheld and four gig of assorted non-volatile storage,

I can browse the web and re-sync my email from anywhere with a wireless hotspot. I can re-read and re-stress-over existing emails from anywhere at all. I spent an entire afternoon getting the thing up and running the way I liked it. If I really wanted to, I could use Lyn's bluetooth phone, my GPRS sim, and our Palm to resync email from anywhere with GSM signal. Random strangers ask me if I know anything about Photoshop, and I tell them more than they wanted to know. This evening saw me testily stalling Lyn's conversational gambits in a coffeeshop while I finished sending an email to my accountant.

I no longer have any plans to secrete myself in a monastery for a week. That's gone to "the next trip" now.

My fast idle just became a dragster's scream.