Report: baht

08 Apr 2009

Our papier-mache mailbox was stuffed with inspiration, resources, and forgiveness.

We have a duty to use them, if not wisely, then at least in an entertaining fashion. And we have a duty to report on them. This is the first of those reports.

Contrary to our usual practice, we made our hard landing with very little cash. Changing money was one more headache we thought we could postpone to the morning. As it turned out, we were wrong.

My leftovers from the last trip covered our taxi fare - even though it was five times what I expected. But at the second hotel, we had no prepaid booking and they accepted cash only. Exhausted and in the middle of nowhere, things were suddenly looking very grim.

But a couple of people gave us not aussie dollars, but crisp 100 baht notes. And what they bought us was not an adventure, but four hours of precious sleep and the end of a disaster. Cheers, guys.