Running Commentary

27 Jul 2007

On the bus to Zadar I finished reading We Need To Talk About Kevin. It's a horrible, horrible book and the worst part is the knowledge that I will have to re-read it. Until I'm ready, it lurks in the bottom of my bag like the bill you know you have to deal with, but can't face right now.

This in-between state, where my subconscious is busy chewing over a massive dataset when it should be relaxing, has left me unable to read anything else. So instead I take refuge in the Wikipedia, which is the best thing I've ever done with the palm. I take inspiration from my surroundings, so the wikipedia entries become a kind of director's commentary of the trip: I know about hyperthermia, and dehydration, and caffeine, and canyoning, and picigin (a game played on the beach here), and the peruvian hostage crisis (we saw half of a doco, so I filled in the gaps) and now bivvy bags, tents, camouflage and camping. It's a fascinating sidebar, and I'll keep it going when we get back.