Step 8

04 Oct 2006

How to catch a bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru in nine easy steps:

  1. Go to the Queen St bus station.
  2. Get on the Johor bus.
  3. Get off at the checkpoint.
  4. Get your passport stamped out of Singapore.
  5. Get back on the bus.
  6. Get off at the second checkpoint.
  7. Get your passport stamped in to Malaysia.
  8. Get back on the bus.
  9. Get off at Larkin bus station. Buy a ticket to Mersing.DO NOT SKIP STEP 8.

We skipped step 8 and ended up at a very dodgy checkpoint infested with touts. It took us nearly an hour to figure out that we weren't in Larkin and buy a ticket *to* Larkin. From there, the run to Mersing was much less traumatic.

Unless you count overtaking two trucks at once while tailgating another bus, uphill in the rain on a blind crest..