The Hell Out of Melaka

18 Oct 2006

Woke with the intention of going to Afamosa Water Park. Language difficulties once again precluded a normal breakfast. I've noticed that here, you order your food and then your drinks, in contrast to the Australian tradition of drinks first. What this means is that, if you start your order with drinks, you won't get to order any food.

After the brochure,, and Google all failed to turn up anything more useful than "Tai Lye Bus Service #34 from Melaka Sentral. Maybe.", I called the resort +. They told me to take a taxi, for about RM70 one way, which is about half our daily budget. I asked for Plan B and was told to get a Transnational bus from Melaka to Tamin, and ask to be let off at Afamosa, which is sort of on the way. After our Portuguese experience, I was wise to this - there was no way we'd be able to get back.

By this time Lyn was starting to feel like there was an alien living in her chest and feeding off her throat, so we agreed to bail. Within an hour we'd returned to the hostel, packed, convinced the nice woman at reception to refund most of our (prepaid) night's accomodation, and headed for the bus station. Within two hours we were on a bus heading to KL.

When we arrive, we arrive without a plan. When we leave, we leave in a hurry.

  • Via SkypeOut, actually. It's a funny world where you use VOIP because it's easier.