We Don't Stop

15 Mar 2008

Deep inside the Nam Ha National Protected Area, Lyn and I are designing web applications.

On our first trip, I'd have been deeply traumatised by this. Now I regard it as inevitable. The jungle is untouched and beautiful, but ultimately it's all the same, and my mind needs something to do while my body is trekking.

We make good time and reach camp by 2:30 on most days. While our guides attend to camp chores - an uncomfortably colonial luxury - I have a long time to lie on the grass, scribbling in a notebook. Evenings are filled with sticky rice and lao-lao: with three languages across five people, there's really not much we can do but drink.

Sitting at a roadside cafe writing this at 6:40am, because I can't sleep and can't stop, I'm passed by a group of monks. Perhaps they can make it stop. But I'm no longer really sure that I need to.