Double and Nothing

29 Feb 2016

Suddenly we're two weeks away from the Flip, 24 hours in the air simultaneously an eternity and nothing like enough time to prepare for swapping Life B and Life A.

In the time we've been away we've already lost our office space and news is we're losing the flat as well. Once again, we'll hit the deck at Heathrow and start by finding a place to live and a place to work, and from them building our lifestyles again. The constant resets make it difficult to create anything truly good, either at that end or this one. I might be getting better at this, but it's not getting easier.

The paradox of choice bites hard here. I'm spread very thin between places, activities, and people, never fully committed, always temporary.

This is nothing new. There are reasons to keep doing it, the glorious eternal summer being only one of them, and it's okay.

For now.