Personal Covid Policy

09 Sep 2020

My current position

  • Outdoors, I have zero restrictions.

  • Indoors, I'm OK with small (<= 4 people) gatherings unmasked as long as nobody has been recently exposed.

  • I can do indoor spaces with more people if we're all masked and I keep the time short (eg for shopping), but I don't like it much.

  • For social gatherings this means that "outdoor pubs" and "in someone's flat, with the windows open" are in play, but "indoor pubs" are outside my risk tolerance. Similarly group hikes / runs / sports are fine, but indoor events of any sort are out.

    I don't consider that the government guidelines at any given moment provide a sensible approach to risk, and don't factor them into my personal policy.


    I use, and target a 1% chance per year of catching covid.

    About this page

    This exists as a quick shorthand to send to people - these days, we need to coordinate the intersections of our schedules and our covid policies. I'm happy to discuss what covid policy should be - and frequently change mine in the face of new information - but that's almost certainly not why I sent this to you.